Passion is one of the most potent energies on earth. The more passionate you are about something– be it family, career, hobbies, or intimacy–the more vitality and happiness it delivers. A life filled with passion is inherently satisfying, joyfully abundant, and deeply inspirational. With passion, obstacles become opportunities, hurts become healings, and challenges become choices. Most importantly, passion gives you the courage and confidence to be yourself!

Passion for life translates to passion for love. Explore your inner wisdom and unique sexual power! Dr. Nick helps individuals and couples recover and expand authentic self-expression, finding greater fulfillment in all dimensions of their being.

In today’s hectic world, passion can be difficult to find–and even harder to maintain. However, passion is critically important; it paves the way forward in all that you do. As a sexologist, Dr. Nick takes a non-judgmental, non-shaming, non-labeling approach. Because this is coaching, as opposed to “therapy,” he will encourage and guide you in moving toward what you want (rather than dwelling on a story about where you’ve been). Therefore, you can expect transformative results in a single session.

Coaching sessions are client-focused, goal-oriented, and dynamic in nature. As appropriate, Dr. Nick can support the integration of cannabis into your sensual journey. With the right tools, information, and motivation, everything is possible. Imagine releasing fear, and opening into the pure bliss of passionate living and loving!

Dr. Nick works face-to-face, over the phone, or via Skype.
Consulting fee is $100 for 80 minutes.
Please contact Nick for more information or to schedule a session!

Nick Karras
(858) 336-1285 (call or text)